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Sharing my Divergent music with all my new followers. Just incase you’re interested. This is one of my ULTIMATE FAVORITES

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To my mother,

who gave me the moment when Beatrice realizes how strong her mother is and wonders how she missed it for so long

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divergent ± serums and simulations

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I need some Sheo feels right now.. Can I request the biggest, most gushiest Sheo Masterpost? Like just a collection of all the best Sheo moments?
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I’m so incredibly sorry for making this so late. I don’t have accessibility with my laptop because 1) I don’t have wifi were I am. I’m not in my usual state and I’m at a cabin and there’s not much Of this. 2). I’m trying to cut a little of technology
(BUT IM HERE FOR YOU) a little late but I’m here). so I can’t post any videos or photos but here. I’ll tell you a short story and hopefully help you.

(Currently listening to “latch by kodaline (cover) while wiring this. 😍😍💕)

I know that the whole rumor things and freaking out started recently because of the whole Ruth “incident” about her appearing at comic-con

But let me tell you something beautiful anon.

Theo and shai have something special and we’ve all seen it. (I will fight whoever on this if you disagree).
Ruth was always in the picture. Just because she was at comic con and we actually saw her doesn’t make a difference. So let me start with my little sheo rant/story.

Starting in their first appearances. (I may get the order wrong.)

Comic con 2013:

Shai was flirty and happy and she looked like a sixteen year old in love. She was bubbly and excited. (This was all the time she was with theo)

Theo was protective and caring, touchy (very very touchy) he had this weird jokes with her that to this point we are still trying to figure out.
They were in their own little bubble. Along with Neil and Veronica. But it seemed more like Veronica and Neil we’re out of the picture. We all believe they had something and we all thought it was going to happen. Even Neil and Veronica. Their photos touchiness caring for each other. It left us curious and happy.

In their L.A premiere. Let’s talk about that hug okay? Okay.
How long do you usually hug your “friend”? A little. Well those two did more than hugging and while hugging they were whispering stuff to each other. My point here is they probably saw each other that morning. But still they managed to be incredibly close and they seemed to miss each other. Thy were in awe with one another, theo practically checked her out. And she noticed and she went along with him.
And (let me sour it up) Ruth was there. But did theo acted differently? NO. I doubt that any girlfriend would be okay with that sort of intimacy with her boyfriend’s “friend” he practically was all over her. The side boob grab. OMG.
And when they left the premiere Ruth was there but way behind him. Do you really believe that’s necessary after the premiere is done? No. And it wasn’t because of the paps because they didn’t even know who she was. At other premieres everything was the same. He was admiring her the looks the touches the gazes the unnecessary closeness. Everything. (Ruth was not there) But hey! We don’t mind.

Let’s not forget the interviews. The way he calls her sexy because of her little habits.
I’m going to pass into bullet points now. 😁

• He admires the way she has such passion for nature or even food. He even said that it’s “SEXY” for goodnes sake.

• He talks about how she makes him a better person

•she’s beautiful I’m his eyes.

• He admitted to loving her. Whether is a friendly way or not. HE. LOVES. HER.

• She likes a slow burn type of love.

• He is impatient in small things in life.

Gosh so many interviews so many moments
Whispers, hints AHH.
I don’t understand why people are giving up on these two. Shai is so patient why can’t we be?

Anyway. Let’s go forward to 2014, comic-con

And let’s put some stuff out and I will explain every single bullet point.

•Ruth was there ( I know I’m sorry. Don’t hate me. But for every truth there’s an ugly secret) do bare with me okay?

(Possible explanation)
Things are rocky between Ruth and Theo.
Come on. Seriously. Five years is really Long time and as much as you love someone, people and feelings change. Why would theo bring her to comic con when we all know that this probably the fullest biggest place where fans and CRAZY fans are possible to be there. And trust me they weren’t very good at hiding her either. She looked upset. And I’ve seen pictures of her before (yes I’m a fucking stalker, I’m sorry 🙈) and she’s beautiful and lovely and her accent is stunning and I bet she’s lovely and there’s an explanation to why Theo dated her. But she looked odd and sad and whenever she saw theo and shai she looked pissed and tired.

•Shai looked sad. OMG baby so sad.

Why? Maybe because she was there. Trust me. I know what’s like to like someone and realize they have a girlfriend and they’re not easily to leave.

Shai has too much self respect to be all over theo in front of his ” gf” I hope she’s okay.


But Ruth was there and shai was sad. That’s it.


shai has realized that she has stronger feelings for theo. She wants to do the right thing. And wait. Because she’s patient and it’s able to fall in love slowly.

Theo is NOT patient. And he is also on a hard situation. So let’s not say he’s a player because I’ve seen a few already.

Whatever it’s going on between sheo.
It’s getting stronger and deeper. But theo is the most dedicated yet. So it’s shai I but I’m taking about comic con rn.

Ruth is lovely but things are mean to end and others blossom.

You can tell how much theo loves shai too.

I’m going to end this with a quote

"When you love two people, choose the second one because if you really loved the first one you wouldn’t of fallen for the second one"

I believe something will happen between shai and theo I jus hope it a for good. Which it probably is. I mean look at them.

Anyway. I know this probably wasn’t what you asked for. But bare with me. It’s sheo. And our ship it’s only getting stronger. And we need to keep up with them. You need to wait out bby. Love takes time. And specially if there’s a past. Okay?

Whenever you need something just come to me. I usually don’t write this much but I want to help you.
Thank you and have a lovely night. 💕💕💕

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The eyebrow!

he’s probably making faces at shai trying to make her laugh by being the adorable dork that he is

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